New warehouses for the Volfas Engelman brewery, Lithuania

„I have been working with Fortemix for several years now and our architects suggest which material is the best for the contract. For high loads, which is what this warehouse is and will be all about, Fortedur 1030 is ideal.“

Managing director of UAB “Betono apsaugos sistemos”, Vilnius

Details of the installation
Installed for the new warehouses of the Volfas Engelman brewery, Lithuania
Location Kaunas, Litwa
Area 7000 m2
Material used Fortedur 1030

The advantages of Fortedur 1030

  • The lifetime of the floor is much longer in comparison with conventional concretes and for a minimally higher final price
  • High productivity and ease of installation
  • High durability to central operational loads
  • Higher resistance to impact
  • Higher resistance to the infiltration of aggressive substances (oils, solvents, and others)
  • Dust and slipperiness of the surface controlled

Procedural steps

  • Laying a concrete slab to a minimum of 10 cm
  • Uniform Fortedur 1030 mix poured on the surface of a fresh concrete slab
  • Smoothing with machine-driven rotary trowels
  • Cutting around joints and filling them in with putty