Cement dry mix

Fortedur is a uniquely designed dry powder mix combining graded hard aggregates, special cements, and compatible chemical ingredients that modify its mechanical properties and workability. The aggregates are mostly graded silica sand, sintered oxides, metallic aggregates. The quality of the dry mix, which is primarily determined by its abrasion resistance, is chosen according to the intensity of operations and the required load.

Floors modified in this fashion are found mainly in production and storage facilities, wholesale centers, logistic centers, or in parking areas.

They are especially good in places that require high resistance to abrasion and impact. Anywhere there is a need for a system with a durable, smooth and solid surface, which is not naturally slippery and has increased resistance to seepage from oil and grease.

Fortedur – Dry mix containing various types of cement, aggregates and chemical additives.

Product type1010102010251030
AggregateSandSintered oxidesSintered oxides + metallicMetallic aggregate
Specific contents in the dry mixture66,42%55,42%27,71%+27,71%56,5%
Compressive strength after 28 daysmin. 65 MPamin. 70 MPamin. 80 MPamin. 80 MPa
Bohm abrasion resistance5 cm3/50 cm22 cm3/50 cm21,5 cm3/50 cm31 cm3/50 cm2
BCA abrasion resistance0,05 mm0,035 mm0,025 mm0,02 mm
Consumption3-6 kg/m23-6 kg/m23-6 kg/m23-6 kg/m2
ColourSee pricelistSee pricelistSee pricelistSee pricelist

Colorfulness of insolence

Floors with dry mixes are primarily done in a natural gray color (the color of concrete). The mixed layer can be dyed to a selected color shade based on the requirements of the customer. The final color of the floor is always a combination of the color of the dry mix with shades of gray.

Color design:

Light grey
Dark grey

Special additives in the composition

Anti-Shrinkage Agent

Anti-Shrinkage Agent is a special additive contained directly in the dry mix. It significantly reduces the formation of hairline cracks on the surface of the finished floor by providing a higher volume stability. You can therefore depend on an enhanced visual impression and improved mechanical properties of the final floor.

Silica Effect

Silica Effect – using very fine spherical particles in the dry component of the system helps reduce the porosity of the surface. This ensures lower seepage, higher frost and corrosion resistance, further increases the strength (in compression, bending tension, abrasion resistance) and improves the compactness of the entire floor system.

Abrasion-resistant micro-particles

Abrasion-resistant micro-particles – This additive made of super abrasion-resistant micro-particles, which become part of the uppermost top layer of the finished system, gives the floor a considerably higher surface durability.

Synergies of products

To ensure the maximum efficiency of the floor system, we have added not only exceptional ingredients to the product that you won’t find in any other product of similar format, but we have also supported the functional dependability of the mutual synergies of the Fortedur powder mix and from the special Fortecoat 1425 or 1426 (water-based) curing coat.

It allows you to maximize the curing and finish of the final layer of your cement floor.

Advantages of the Fortedur system

Extra-long life of the floor in comparison with conventional concrete
High productivity and ease of installation
High resistance to operating loads
Increased impact resistance
Increased resistance against the seepage of aggressive substances (oils, solvents, etc.)
Controls the formation of dust and slipperiness of the surface
Various colors available

Disadvantages of the Fortedur system

Requires high-quality and expert application
Copies the plane of the concrete slab
Inconsistencies in color may develop in choosing color variations

Application to concrete

Evenly apply the cement-based dry mix to the surface of the concrete slab. In the event the concrete floor requires renovation, we recommend proceeding with the application in accordance with the method “Application for dry concrete”. In the opposite case, for new floors, we recommend the procedure “Application for wet concrete”.

Application of the dry mix onto wet concrete

The concrete must be ready to receive the dry mix. Before applying the first layer, excess water is removed from the concrete surface, the surface is leveled and ready to walk on (pressed by hand to a depth of 3-5 mm). The concrete surface is smoothed using a rotary disc buffer, then Fortedur dry mix is evenly spread on the surface of the concrete slab in one or two steps in a total amount of 3-6 kg/m2 (i.e. a 25 kg bag of the product can produce a 4-8 m2 wear layer).

After each application of the material, the surface is mechanically smoothed with the rotary machine using combination and final trowels, which ensures a high degree of the final physical modification. The process of smoothing with an increasing tilt of the trowel is repeated many times depending on the course of the solidification of the concrete mixture and dry mix. Prior to applying Fortedur dry mix, there can be no depressions or puddles on the concrete surface, nor can the surface be soaked.

How does the installation

Selected references

Hall, Vilnius, LT

Litva, 24 360 m2

Production Hall Mošnov, ČR

Hyundai Mobis Lamp shop, 61 200 m2

Logistic centre Gliwice, PL

Tesco, 56 400 m2

Logistic centre Krapkowice, PL

Goodman Logistic, 55 080 m2

Production facility Poznan, PL

Bridgestone, 52 410 m2

Logistic centre, PL

Prologis Park Rawa, 47 520 m2

Production Hall, PL

Betoniarnia Ban-Kor-Bet, 44 467 m2

Production Hall, Šulc, ČR

Dhollandia Czech Republic s.r.o., 43 773 m2

Logistic centre Gdańsk, PL

Pomorskie Centrum Logistyczne Goodman, 39 200 m2

Parking, Liberec, ČR

Hypernova, 36 450 m2

Production Hall Opava, ČR

Mondelēz, Opavia, 35 640 m2

Production Hall Sosnowiec, PL

WATT, 24 600 m2

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WITTE Automotive, 24 100 m2

Logistic centre Mladá Boleslav, ČR

Goodman Logistic, 23 100 m2

Logistic centre, ČR

Jipocar Transport s.r.o., 23 100 m2

Production Hall Hungary, HU

IPARI PARK, 23 017 m2

Production Hall, SK

Slovnaft, 21 650 m2

Hall Nitra, SK

SONY, 21 520 m2

Logistic centre Holice, ČR

Kaufland, 21 500 m2

Hall, Gliwice, PL

Raben, 20 667 m2

Hall, ČR

BRNOPARK Hall, 20 000 m2

Autmotive, Ilava, SK

Hanon Systems Slovakia s.r.o., 19 950 m2

Hall Praha, ČR

Karosa a.s., 19 650 m2

Production Hall, ČR

Škoda Mladá Boleslav, 19 200 m2

Production Hall, ČR

Model obaly a.s., 17 400 m2

Market Ilava, SK

Kaufland, 17 150 m2

Hypermarket Plzeň, ČR

OBI, 15 280 m2

Hall, Plock, PL

Galeria, 15 220 m2

Hall Pohořelice, ČR

S.N.O.P., 15 250 m2

Hypermarket Liberec, ČR

Bauhaus, 15 210 m2

Production Hall, ČR

CT PARK Přeštice, 10 050 m2

Market, ČR

Hornbach, 15 000 m2

Hall, PL

Unibep, 12 950 m2

Market, SK

Sconto Bratislava, 12 600 m2

Production Hall, ČR

Tondach, 12 750 m2

Production Hall, Krosno, PL

Cell-Fast Sp. o.o., 11 500 m2

Production Hall Nowy Sacz, PL

Bramy Wisniewsky, 11 250 m2

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DHL, 10 860 m2

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Hysco, 10 850 m2

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10 620 m2

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10 350 m2

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AGROSTROJ a.s., 10 325 m2

Logistic centre Březhrad, ČR

DHL, 10 000 m2

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Ferrum, 9 510 m2

Market Ostrava, ČR

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Jasplastik Galanta - Sk, S.r.o., 9 240 m2

Playgroung, Ostrava, ČR

KÚ MS kraje, 70

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BORCAD CZ s.r.o., 7 920 m2

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Panattoni Sosnowiec Toy Story, 7 900 m2

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Lasselsberger,s.r.o., 7 700 m2

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7 530 m2

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7 170 m2

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7 150 m2

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HOPA CZ, s.r.o., 6 650 m2

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6 610 m2

Airport, MK


Hall Hranice, CZ

6 000 m2

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6 000 m2

Hall, Sulejowek, PL

5 460 m2

Production Hall, Trutnov, CZ

ABB, 5250 m2

Hall Bratislava, SK

Lindner, 5 250 m2

Hall Dačice, CZ

5 210 m2

Hall Loštice, CZ

5 160 m2

Hall Bruntál, CZ

Osram, 5 150 m2

Production Hall Prešov, SK

DOMA, 3 100 m2

Production Hall Mošnov, CZ

QAPS Czech Republic a.s., 4 000 m2

Garages, SK

Panorama Zvolen, 5 120 m2

Production Hall Blovice, CZ

3 150 m2

Hall Klatovy, CZ

4 050 m2

Warehouse Vratimov, CZ

Mirel Trading, 5 000 m2

Hall, Vráble, SK

3 150 m2

Parking Ostrava, CZ

Orchard, 4 000 m2

Production Hall Tuchoměřice, CZ

MUT TUBES, 5 000 m2

Hall, Sp.Nová Ves, SK

BETÓN - SPIŠ, 3 210 m2

Hall, Zbůch, CZ

4 170 m2

Hall Otwock, PL

4 800 m2

Hall, Poděbrady, CZ


Hall Ksawerów, PL

3 900 m2

Hall, Remedy Głowno, PL

3 300 m2

Hall, Warszawa, PL

4 500 m2

Hall Janovice, CZ

4 080 m2

Hall Czosnow, PL

4 350 m2

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European Data Project s.r.o., 3 320 m2

Hypermarket, Liberec, CZ

Sconto, 3 580 m2

Hall Gluchołazy, PL

4 200 m2

Hall, Žilina, SK

3 310 m2

Hall, Prostějov, CZ


Hall, Stalowa Wola

3 060 m2

Warehouse Hall, Těrlicko, CZ

Elmax store, 1 600 m2

Hall Prague, CZ

KIMOS, a.s., 2 470 m2

Technological Park Vlkanová, SK

HT Technology Park Vlkanová, 3 000 m2

Production Hall Paskov, CZ

Trymat s.r.o., 1 640 m2

Hall Brno, CZ

3 000 m2

Warehouse Pezinok, SK

Stavebniny SATINA, 1 800 m2

Hall Kralupy, CZ

Syntop, 2 500 m2

Production Hall Hlohovec, CZ

Bekaert, 1 800 m2

Hall Grajewo, PL

2 850 m2

Winter stadion Kadaň, CZ

1 960 m2

Hall Pelhřimov, CZ

KANA spol. s r.o., 2 780 m2

Hall Piwonin, PL

2 840 m2

Warehouse Přerov, CZ

MFP s.r.o., 2 632 m2

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GLZ s.r.o., 2 000 m2

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V-PLAST Vsetín, spol. sro, 2 170 m2

Garages Nitra, SK

2 740 m2

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Semper flex, 2 000 m2

Production Hall Nový Jičín, CZ

VOP 025 - Bludovice, 2 140 m2

Production Hall Příbor, CZ

Decplast s.r.o., 2 830 m2

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Josef Mička Transport & Logistic, 2 120 m2

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Energoteam s.r.o., 1 400 m2

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Devap Servis, 1 400 m2

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Autostav s.r.o., 1 320 m2

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Morn s.r.o., 1 200 m2

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Agrokov s.r.o., 700 m2

Warehouse Olomouc, CZ

Epoflex s.r.o., 580 m2

Hall, Třinec, CZ

Třinecké železárny a.s., 400 m2

Hall, Podvysoká u Turzovky, SK

OS Tanik Kamionova doprava, 1 400 m2

Production Hall Bánská Bystrica, SK

OBB, 1 300 m2

Production Hall Zvolen, SK

Zvartech,s.r.o., 1 300 m2

Hall Bratislava, SK

Ferosta Thyssen Krupp, 1 110 m2

Hall Čadca, SK

MSE a.s., 1 060 m2

Hall Čadca, SK

Kufner s.r.o., 800 m2

Production Hall Liptovský Hrádok, SK

VANEX, 500 m2

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