We provide support

We help the businesses and organizations in our region, because we consider it a social obligation. We have targeted many regional non-profit organizations over the years, we promote small athletes and sports clubs with individual activities, and we direct our business activities so that they encourage education, the environment and higher social principles.

All our activities can be divided into categories of social or environmental awareness. Whether we are supporting cultural events, charitable activities, educational efforts or protecting nature, we try to be considerate towards everything and everyone around us.

And we support the most important of all - health

Ondrášek Mobile Hospice

Organization involved in providing comprehensive care for terminally ill children and adults in the final phase of their lives. Professional care is provided so that they are able to spend these days at home with their families. The Ondrášek Mobile Hospice has been providing services to terminally ill adults and children for 13 years now. Every year it provides care for 150 adults and 20 children and their families in Ostrava and surroundings up to 30 km away for adults and throughout the Moravian-Silesian Region for children.

Stonožka (Centipede) Ostrava

Organization for assisting people with mental, physical, and combined disabilities, as well as those with autism spectrum disorder aged 6 to 64.

Early Care Society

Early Care Society is a non-governmental organization that provides professional services for early care, help and support for families with a child born with vision or multiple disabilities.

We help education

Czech Republic Reads to Children

The mission of the charitable society All of Czech Republic Reads to Children is to build strong bonds within the family through reading together. Regular reading to children is of tremendous importance to developing their emotional well-being. Reading develops their memory and imagination, teaches them how to think. Read more information about the project All of Czech Republic Reads to Children.

Memory of the people

This is a huge collection of memoirs built up throughout Europe by individuals, non-profit organizations and schools, as well as educational, state and public institutions, who want to share, compare, evaluate and jointly discuss their recordings, texts, photographs and archival documents. Storing these collections of memoirs and making them available helps with the study of modern history. The development of the collection was motivated by the need to find a platform that would store, share and mutually compare individual research outputs in digital format. Reacquaint yourself and read stories from Memory of the Nation.

PANT Center

Since its inception in 2007, PANT has focused on teaching and popularizing the history of the 20th century. It operates the portal www.moderni-dejiny.cz, which is used by 90% of history teachers. It is also available in Polish, Slovak and Hungarian. It’s there for the public and for school conferences, exhibitions, film screenings, cultural and educational events and debates. It produces and co-creates educational documentaries, publishes books that popularize modern history, and methodological guides for teachers. PANT Center is an educational institution with many accredited educational projects.

We contribute to culture in our region

Sweetsen Festival

Frýdek-Místek’s largest musical, theatrical and film festival. From chamber stuff for a handful of friends that started in 2004, it has since become one of the largest and likewise most original cultural events in the Czech Republic. The uniqueness of it primarily lies in the charitable foundation of the entire festival, with artists only from Frýdek-Místek performing for no fees and with free admission for all visitors. Come visit the Sweetsen Festival and discover our region a little differently.

Support for regional products

As part of our own orders, we inform customers about special products from the Czech Republic, thus helping to increase not only awareness and support for local producers, but reminding everyone about nearly forgotten arts and crafts.

We put emphasis on sports and movement

Paskov Handball Club

„First, I would like to thank your company for the sponsorship you have given to our young handballers (students) of the united squad of Paskov and Krmelín. This gift has allowed us to purchase track suits for outdoor practice in even colder weather.

We were furthermore able to buy several handballs and other practice equipment (goals, coordination ladder, medicine balls, etc.), which certainly help us improve the quality of our practices and has resulted in an overall improvement in the physical and playing abilities of our young handballers. Thank you.“

ZaKH Paskov and TJ Sokol Krmelín cadets coach Richard Maňák

Paskov Floorball Club

“The Paskov Saurians Club organizes its own training and sports activities and seeks to make these activities available primarily to young people and others from all levels of society who are interested. The financial gift we received will be used as an entry fee for tournaments, for transport and accommodation. And especially for equipment for children – floorball sticks, goalie equipment.“

Sandra Moravcová, club president

HC Kopřivnice

„Hello, I would really like to thank you on behalf of the hockey boys of the 4th grade at HC Kopřivnice!!!“

Jiří Prokeš, HC Kopřivnice

We don’t neglect the importance of nature

New composition of recycled material

Using recycled material

We can also support your non-profit organization

Do you have a non-profit organization in your area that would appreciate some help? If it’s focused on helping socially or physically disadvantaged people, promoting education or the environment, write us. We like to help.

    Please send your ideas to: holeckova@fortemix.cz