Cement-based screeds

Forcem łatwo d, quick-setting leveling screed designed for preparing the leveling layer of concrete floors requiring outstanding flatness and adhesion to the concrete substrate.

Forcem is applicable for seasoned substrates and its rapid loss of moisture and compatibility to the ingredients allow you to apply the final coats to it with minimal technical pauses.

Special additives in the composition

Anti-Shrinkage Agent

ASA (Anti-Shrinkage Agent) is a special additive contained directly in the dry mix, which significantly reduces the formation of hairline cracks on the surface of the final floor, thus improving the resulting visual effect and at the same time improving the mechanical properties of the material. In addition, it reduces the difficulty of applying self-leveling flooring screeds.

CRYX additive

The CRYX additive creates the crystallization effect, which binds the mixing water into the crystallization structure of the substance being generated, which prevents it from escaping to the ambient environment, reduces the hardening time and primarily reduces the formation of micro-cracks.


CRACK STOP (CS) fibers. The product contains highly resistant zirconic fibers, which ensure three-dimensional (omni-directional) reinforcement of the material during the aging process and subsequently help to increase resistance to high local loads.


Thanks to the SILICA EFFECT, the use of very fine spherical particles in the dry component of the system helps to achieve a lower porosity and consequently lower seepage, increases frost and corrosion resistance, further increases the physical and mechanical properties (compressive and flexural strength and abrasion resistance) and provides higher compactness.


High flow rate, achieves excellent flatness at a thickness of 10-50 mm
Good adhesion to base concrete
High productivity and ease of installation
Rapid loss of moisture, minimum volume changes, minimum
Technical pauses


Not suitable for outdoor areas
Depends on expert application

Technical parameters

Type of product 1310 1311
Underlay zirconic fibres (Crack Stop)
Compression strength after 28 days min. 35 MPa min. 35 MPa
Flexural tensile strength after 28 days min. 7 MPa min. 7 MPa
Amount of mixing water 3,5-4 l/25 kg 3,5-4 l/25 kg
Colour light grey light grey
Thickness of layer 10-50 mm 10-50 mm
Consumption with thickness of 1 mm 1,8 kg/m2 1,8 kg/m2
Workability of mixture at 20°C min. 30 minutes min. 30 minutes
Possible to walk on at 20°C after 2 – 4 hours after 2 – 4 hours
Full load/application of further layer at 20°C after 7 days after 7 days

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