We can honestly say that insights from our past business activities and our experienced professionals have allowed us to build one of the most advanced and, in our market segment, most powerful production lines making materials for industrial floors and concrete floors in general.

The great emphasis placed on the quality of our manufactured products has ensured that quality control is an indispensable part of the system. This goes for both input and output materials, thanks to computer-driven testing equipment. This especially includes equipment for measuring wear resistance built on the basis of the English method of BCA, Vicat apparatus, instruments for the laser measurement of volumetric changes, or last but not least a computer-controlled press to measure compressive and flexural strength.

One of the other tools we use to check our products is the production monitoring system, which is immediately able to read all data about production and shipment from the information contained on the product.

Fortemix product line

Fortemix product line

Across the whole spectrum of our products, there has been emphasis on their systemization, i.e. using their mutual combinations to create flawless comprehensiveness, where each component is fully tuned in to the unit as a whole.

The Fornivel system helps the dry component of the Fortecoat 1410 primer system to properly prepare the surface before the installation of the dry component. Fortecoat 1420 and 1421 coatings then treat the surface and above all cure it. In the Fortedur system, Fortecoat 1425 and 1426 coatings ensure a dry-mix floor has sufficient time to cure and so prevent water ingress, and absorption by mature floors is also noticeably reduced.

The FormulaForte system provides FormulaForte Hard for curing and FormulaForte Shine to increase gloss. These combinations of our products make it possible to achieve better floor properties.