Product training and presentation

Do you require more detailed information about Fortemix products? Are you uncertain of the effects the parameters of the material will have on your new floor or do you have new colleagues who would appreciate a practical demonstration of the application?

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, so whether you work in a particular firm, or are part of a thematic group, an artisan, or you are just curious, sign yourself or your colleagues up for training.

We organize courses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Dates are offered on a regular basis, you needn’t search for them, just fill in our form and we will let you know about the next training by email.

For groups of more than 15 people, we tailor both the topic and location.

Should you find you are unsure about some of the answers to these questions, write us and we will be happy to teach you something new.

What will you receive at the end of training?

  • Training certificate
  • The opportunity to work firsthand on flooring under different conditions
  • The chance to ask thorny technical questions
  • Special offer on purchasing goods

Are you thinking of signing up or you’re not sure the course will be useful?

Try to answer the questions below.

  • How should Fortelock tiles be placed in a passageway so that they last as long as possible?
  • When is it better to use a cement screed than a self-leveling compound?
  • How to apply color to cement dry mix?
  • What technical properties do Fortemix dry mixes have, will you be able to work easily and quickly with them?

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