PVC floor tiles

The choice of the flooring is one of the crucial points that determine the desing of each interior. In course of time, the PVC Fortelock interlocking tiles became widely popular for the specific combination of its features such as its suitability for virtually every premises, low maintenance demands, high resilience or perfect look.

With respect to the parameters, different flooring types are recommended so it offers the best functionality in a given premise and thus fits exactly your expectations. Choose the best for you.

  • Fortelock Industry
    Reliable high quality PVC tiles. They are particularly appreciated in areas with high load and constant operation. This floor is suitable for industry, production facilities, warehouses or commercial area.
  • Fortelock Industry Ultra
    The Industry Ultra line is designed for floors under extreme stress and the heaviest industrial load. The tiles can withstand the load of pallet trucks and forklifts up to 6600 kg without the need for fixation.
  • Fortelock Invisible
    Homogeneous paving with hidden lock is suitable for commercial, civic, residential and warehouse space
  • Fortelock XL
    The XL series is designed for areas with a medium load and flat surface. Great for cellars, garages, public spaces and shops. Unique snakeskin pattern with reflections and easier cleaning
  • Fortelock ESD a XL ESD
    The ESD series is designed for rooms requiring electro-static conductive flooring. Areas of application: for the manufacture of electrical components, for the automotive industry, areas with a risk of explosion, electrical substations, data centers, laboratories, in healthcare and others.
  • Fortelock Business
    The Business line is designed for representative commercial spaces, gastronomic facilities, commercial establishments and offices. It is a unique combination of Fortelock tiles and topnotch products of the world’s manufacturers of heavy-duty vinyl floors.
  • Floor ramps and corners
    Perfect floor finish for an easier and smoother car or truck travel and a better aesthetic appeal.

Fortelock PVC floor tiles are a unique floor solution that combines simplicity and durability. We would therefore like to give it our undivided attention. Read more detailed information about the product, about making it or its common use. Please visit the official Fortelock. product page.

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