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FORTEDUR cement dry mix

Floors with dry mixes are used in manufacturing and warehouse facilities. By smoothing with a dry mix containing special types of cement, aggregates, and chemical additives, you will get a surface that stands out for its high abrasion resistance, resistance to impacts, and increased resistance to fluid absorption.

  • Fortedur 1010 (dry mix based on sand for medium loads)
  • Fortedur 1020 (dry mix with 55% aggregates based on sintered oxides for high loads)
  • Fortedur 1025 (dry mix based on synthetic and metallic aggregates for high loads)
  • Fortedur 1030 (dry mix with 56% metallic aggregates for very high loads)
  • Fortedur 1040 (dry mix for very high loads with an aesthetic effect)


Fortedur WET cement screed is used in manufacturing and warehouse facilities. When mixed with water, it creates a mixture that contains special types of cements, aggregates and chemical additives, increasing the mechanical and aesthetic properties of concrete floor surfaces.

  • Fortedur 1011 (dry mix based on sand for medium loads)
  • Fortedur 1021 (dry mix with 55% aggregates based on sintered oxides for high loads)
  • Fortedur 1031 (dry mix with 56% metallic aggregates for very high loads)

FORTELOCK PVC floor tiles

PVC interlocking tile system for a floating installation. We recommend using tiles on both older and new concrete substrates where the application must be really fast and easy, it can be dismantled and offers extreme abrasion and impact resistance.

  • Fortelock Industry PVC floor tiles (floor tiles for the heaviest loads – industrial and storage areas, athletic facilities, auto repair shops, schools)
  • Fortelock Light PVC floor tiles (floor tiles for medium and low loads – household, garage, utility room)
  • Fortelock Invisible PVC floor tiles (floor tiles for higher and medium loads – commercial, industrial, storage facilities)
  • Fortelock Decor PVC floor tiles (designer series intended for commercial premises and households)

FORNIVEL self-leveling mix

We recommend a cement self-leveling screed as the final or leveling layer for seasoned concrete floors. Mixed with water and industrially produced dry powder mix based on cement, aggregates, and chemical additives. It’s good for plants that require high durability, excellent flatness and adhesion to a concrete substrate.

  • Fornivel 1110, 1111 (screed)
  • Fornivel 1120, 1121 (leveling screed or final screed for medium loads)
  • Fornivel 1130, 1131 (final screed for high loads)

FORMULA FORTE – for curing concrete

Chemically cured and aesthetically finished floors are made by applying special skim coats from the FormulaForte line to seasoned concrete surfaces. These coatings cure the floor through the chemical transformation of soft particles into highly resistant compounds. They also provide a long-term and permanent increase in the compactness and waterproof capability of the surface. Last but not least, they provide improved aesthetic features by increasing the shine of the floor.

  • FormulaForte 1610 Standard (skim coat ensuring the curing and glossiness of the floor)
  • FormulaForte 1620 Hard (skim coat ensuring maximum hardness of the surface and consolidating it)
  • FormulaForte 1630 Shine (additional coat to maximize the shine of the floor)

Coatings and screeds

Solutions for preparing a leveling layer for concrete floors that penetrate the substrate during application and improve its features (e.g. absorption). At the same time they create a smooth substrate on the surface, a hardening film that prevents air from escaping the substrate, and thus increasing the adhesion. Coatings are also applicable for stabilizing eroded concrete surfaces. Floor systems modified in this manner control dust, increase mechanical and chemical resistance, and facilitate maintenance, with minimal technological pauses.

  • Forcem quick-setting screed (leveling quick-setting screed with a cement base)
  • Fortecoat 1410 (acrylic penetration emulsion coat under a self-leveling screed)
  • Fortecoat 1420 (colorless final coat on self-leveling flooring)
  • Fortecoat 1425 (hardening coat for fresh concrete and dry mixes)
  • Fortecoat 1426 (hardening, sealing and curing solution as the final coat on a concrete floor)

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