Curing and finishing coats.

Chemically cured and aesthetically finished floors are made by applying coats from the FormulaForte line, which are unique in the world, onto a seasoned concrete surface.

These coatings cure the floor through the chemical transformation of soft particles into highly resistant compounds. They also provide a long-term and permanent increase in the compactness and waterproof capability of the surface by filling in pores with C-S-H gel. Last but not least, they provide improved aesthetic features by increasing the shine of the floor.

Surfaces treated with integrated polymeric silicates in the smoothing stage limit defects caused by sprinkling water on the surface and they increase the physical-mechanical parameters of the top layer of the floors. Treated surfaces resist abrasion, eliminate the formation of dust, reduce water absorption, and are easier to clean. The FormulaForte system can be used together with mechanical modifications of the surface, such as sanding, grinding, etc., and also without these modifications.

Recurring maintenance using cleaning machines creates a smooth, firm film on the surface that enhances the
aesthetic value of the floor. An agent is applied to stabilize eroded concrete surfaces.

Advantages of the system:

Chemical curing of the surface

For providing effective and noticeable curing and increasing the abrasion resistance of the floor that goes with it, considerably more in comparison with other lithium, potassium and sodium systems.

Decreasing dust

The FormulaForte system fills in the surface structure and micro-pores in the concrete, thus preventing the release of micro-particles that cause floors to get dusty

Cleaning made simple

Resistance to staining comes with reducing the absorption of the surface, because oil and other contaminants have limited possibilities of penetrating the surface

Application made simple

The system reduces application time and costs compared to grinding and polishing the concrete. Compared to other impregnation agents, it is safer and easier to apply, because it eliminates the need to clean away salt/efflorescence after application.

Increasing gloss
Sealing and waterproofing the surface
Tolerance to moisture in the substrate


It copies the surface, i.e. doesn’t fill in depressions or cracks in the floor.

Unique composition

The chemical curing causes the pores to be filled in with rigid C-S-H gel and chemically transforms soft particles into highly resistant compounds.
Leading laboratories have confirmed the effects of the FormulaForte agent in increasing the abrasion resistance of concrete, lowering absorption, and increasing compressive strength.

Comparing FormulaForte products

Product FormulaForte1605 Integral1610 Hard1620 SuperHard1630 Shine
Delivered stateliquidliquidliquidliquid
Abrasion resistanceenhancement by up to 32%enhancement by up to 39%enhancement by up to 75%
Compression strengthenhancement by up to 21%enhancement by up to 42%enhancement by up to 49%
Depth of water ingressreduction by up to 33%reduction by up to 53%reduction by up to 68%
Resistance to water and chemical defrosting agents
Treated surfacewaste, max. 250 gwaste, max. 250 gwaste, max. 250 g
Untreated surfacewaste, max. 1300 gwaste, max. 1300 gwaste, max. 1300 g
Depth of ingressup to 2 mmup to 12 mmup to 12 mm1-2 mm
Drying time15-30 min. at 20°C2-6 hod. at 20°C1-3 hod. at 20°C2-4 hod. at 20°C
Density1.050 kg/m31.050 kg/m31.050 kg/m31.050 kg/m3
Consumption0,05-0,40 l/m20,05-0,25 l/m2/1 coat0,05-0,25 l/m2/1 coat0,05-0,25 l/m2/1 coat

FormulaForte 1605 Integral

  • Polymeric silicate uniquely integrating pure silicates the size of nanoparticles into polymer liquids with minimized surface tension in order to increase the maximum penetration into the capillary structure
  • Lubricates the smooth surface for simpler and more effective smoothing without spraying water
  • Speeds up the total smoothing time
  • By extending the workability period by 15-30 minutes, it simplifies the smoothing process and improves the quality of the final surface
  • It reduces the rate of evaporation and so helps with smoothing in sunlight, in wind, dryness, in outdoor spaces all around, etc.
  • It reduces effort during the smoothing process and decreases wear on the machines
  • It increases the final abrasion resistance of the floor thanks to synergetic action with amorphous silica oxide used in the additive SilicaEffect in Fortedur dry mixes
  • Thanks to pure silicates, it produces a harder, less absorbent surface more resistant to staining
  • It provides the curing, waterproofing and aesthetic finish of the surface

FormulaForte 1610 Hard

  • It provides the curing, waterproofing and aesthetic finish of the surface
  • It can be used alone or in combination with FormulaForte 1630 Shine for achieving the maximum shine
  • It contains the technology of pure silicates and long-term crystallization

FormulaForte 1620 SuperHard

  • It provides maximum curing, consolidation and waterproofing of the surface
  • In terms of an aesthetic and glossy effect, it should be used in combination with FormulaForte 1630 Shine
  • It contains the technology of pure silicates and long-term crystallization
  • It contains chemical curing technology

FormulaForte 1630 Shine

  • It provides maximum shine, waterproofing and the final seal of the surface

Synergetic effect of FormulaForte products

Whether it’s a new or used surface, you can combine individual FormulaForte products to increase the effectiveness of curing.

Used surfaces

High curing

  • 1-2 coats of FormulaForte 1610 Hard

High curing + maximum shine

  • 1-2 coats of FormulaForte 1610 Hard
  • 1 coat of FormulaForte 1630 Shine

Chemical curing2 + maximum shine

  • 1-2 coats of FormulaForte 1620 SuperHard
  • 1 coat of FormulaForte 1630 Shine

New surfaces

High curing

  • Applying FormulaForte 1605 Integral at the time of smoothing the surface
  • 1 coat of covering lacquer (curing) e.g. Fortecoat 1425