About Fortemix

For two generations Fortemix has been focused on the production of cement industrial flooring systems and PVC floors for industrial and commercial uses. Thanks to innovation, thorough development, a progressive approach and reliability, our products of the Czech brand Fortemix have been widely used throughout Europe and in the USA.

Relations with customers and business partners are among our most important pillars. It’s no big effort to be “one of the many”, rather to always be there when you need us. We therefore make considerable investment not only in our own research, but also in analyzing the market and needs of the customer so we are always able to adapt our products to your needs.

And so you have been depending on our high quality products since 1991. We are always ready to offer you a helping hand in finding solutions for your projects and so are ready to answer your technical questions. And we are very pleased that you appreciate the precision of our technical solutions and usefulness of our procedural details. And we are very happy with this long history.

We have worked with lots of clients on most of their projects for several years now and we are very grateful to have this bond. Whether it involves simpler applications or a specialized project, we always approach it with modesty, consistency and an expert solution.

Adam Milata, CEO

As time goes by

    Adding new warehouses for input and output material

    Expanding the Fortelock tile product line to include Fortelock DECOR and INVISIBLE

    Building a new production hall for pressing plastics

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