Cement-based grouts

The highly fluid Fortegrout is intended for filling in holes, grouting equipment and anchoring components into concrete slabs, where a high level of adhesion to the base concrete is required.

The product can be applied to seasoned substrates and its fast accumulation of firmness makes it possible to use it for work that requires minimal technical pauses.

Use Fortegrout for grouting bearing cases and anchoring plates, filling in large joints and cavities, or for reinforcement.

Special features of the product

Anti-Shrinkage Agent

The ASA additive chemically modifies the course of the hydration reaction and compensates for the shrinkage of the concrete mix during setting and hardening time. The use of these additives provides a higher volume stability, which fills in and fixates the space securely. A better shrinkage curve is achieved this way over a longer time span.


Thanks to the SILICA EFFECT, the use of very fine spherical particles in the dry component of the system helps to achieve a lower porosity and consequently lower seepage, increases frost and corrosion resistance, further increases the physical and mechanical properties (compressive and flexural strength and abrasion resistance) and provides higher compactness.

Advantages of the product

High productivity and ease of application
High flow rate, achieving above-standard flow
Good adhesion to base concrete
Rapid-hardening with a very strong final firmness
Fills in all seal-tight areas
Does not contain substances that cause the concrete to corrode
Resistant to chemical affects

Technical parameters

Type of product120512101220
Compression strength after 1 day25 MPa25 MPa25 MPa
Compression strength after 28 days70 MPa60 MPa65 MPa
Flexural tensile strength after 1 day5 MPa3 MPa3 MPa
Flexural tensile strength after 28 days8 MPa8 MPa8 MPa
Colourlight greylight greylight grey
Dosage of product for thickness 1 mm1,7 kg /m21,8 kg /m21,8 kg /m2
Water consumption6-8,5 (litres/25 kg)3-4 (litres/25 kg)3-4 (litres/25 kg)
Thickness of layer0,5-50 mm10-100 mm100-200 mm
Slump test (ring supplied by manufacturer)195-205 mm195-205 mm
Workability of mixture at 20°Cmin. 30 minutesmin. 30 minutesmin. 30 minutes
Possible to walk onafter 24 hoursafter 24 hoursafter 24 hours
Full loadafter 7 daysafter 7 daysafter 7 days