Car repair shop, Germany

The customer acquired a new car repair shop. It was a private space measuring 140 m2. There was a concrete floor in the original space that was unsuitable for a car repair shop because of the intense dust, hardness and rigidity of the surface – the tires of heavy cars standing on the hard surface tended to deform over longer periods.

In searching for a viable solution for a new floor, the customer was seeking to make the whole installation alone. He originally thought of using ceramic tiles, which would not absorb spilled oil as a concrete floor would. He also considered the vinyl-click system, but neither ceramics nor the vinyl-click system was suitable for motor vehicles. The customer moreover considered that ceramic tiles meant more effort needed for the installation.

In choosing Fortelock, the decision came down to the possibility of doing it himself, its suitability for motor vehicles, and the speed of installation. For the customer, the principal parameter of the floor was anti-slipperiness, because oil drips from cars and water also in winter time. Although Fortelock wasn’t cheaper compared to the other solutions, he chose it and was very happy with the choice.

“Whether I opted for concrete, ceramic tiles, or the click system, none of them allowed me to use the installation immediately. So I put down one side of the room, moved everything over to that finished part of the floor and continued with the other half of the room. It was absolutely great. It was really crazy how quick and easy it was laying them down with a rubber hammer. It was just snap, snap. We didn’t use any glue and could use the floor immediately after it was ready.”

Details of the installation
Installed for Car repair shop
Location Germany
Area 140 m2
Material used Fortelock 2010,ECO Black